We are one of the largest companies in Estonia specialising in packing of goods and equipment.

Our packaging is a convenient option for warehousing and long-term storage of goods and equipment.

We use environmentally friendly materials that comply with international standards

Our Main Products

Frame Boxes

The most cost-efficient box solution, which allows packing a number of different goods.

Wooden Crates and Maritime Packaging

If the packed goods need full covering, we recommend using wooden crates. Additionally, if it is important to protect the goods against the weather conditions for a longer period of time, you should use maritime packaging.

Plywood Crates

A simple yet strong structure, short delivery time and the possibility to print various information on the plywood are just some advantages of plywood crates as compared to other types of crates.


We provide packing service at our factory as well as at locations requested by the clients. We pack on pallets, into different crates or sea containers.

Equipment Assembly

We provide our clients the opportunity to assemble their equipment for testing at our place. The assembly and disassembly can be done by us or by the employees of the client, after which the goods can be conveniently packed at our location.