About the Company

Unibox OÜ is a family company founded during the turn of the century, which operates in Kalesi, Harjumaa and the aim of which is to be a strong player in the field of packing. Our wish is to provide high-quality service and our greatest reward is satisfaction in the eyes of our clients.

The modern technologies and contemporary equipment that we use ensure high quality of the products and short delivery times, while meeting the toughest of the requirements for size and durability.

In our production processes, we use only high-quality and environmentally friendly materials, our entire production meets the European standards as well as European environmental requirements, which is verified by the respective certificate. Our products can be safely stored and burned in waste processing equipment.

We have brought our production into compliance with the international quality, environment and occupational health and safety management standards, additionally, the timber that we use complies with the requirements of ISPM 15.

Our environmental policy:

In the field of production of wooden and plywood packaging and packing we follow the sustainable development principle with the aim of preserving our living environment.

To protect the living environment:

  • We determine the environmental aspects related to our activities and their potential impact on the environment.
  • We minimize the hazardous environmental impacts arising from our activities.
  • We use environmentally friendly materials and technologies.
  • We use all of our resources sustainably and we observe the legal requirements established for our area of activity.

If the above was not convincing enough, maybe knowing that our products and services are used by the following companies, will help you decide:

  • ABB AS
  • BLRT Marketex Offshore Constructions OÜ
  • Clyde Bergemann GmbH
  • Ericsson Eesti AS
  • Estanc AS
  • Gustav Wolf GmbH
  • Kone Industrial Ltd
  • Konesko AS
  • Konecranes OY
  • Lümico OÜ
  • Makron AS
  • Pesmel AS
  • Sandvik Mining & Constructions OY
  • Trafotek AS


We integrated the environmental and occupational safety management with the existing quality management system. Now our management system complies with the standards ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001. unicert


In order to protect materials and goods against changing weather conditions, we built a 2,800 m² warehouse.


We added equipment assembly to our service portfolio. For that purpose we built a 2,400 m² production facility that significantly increased our packing capacity. meist1


We brought our quality management system into accordance with the ISO 9001 standard, which is verified with the respective certificate.


We separated different work processes of plywood crate production, for which we built a production facility of 2,000 m². Thereby we increased our production capacity significantly. meist2


To solve the problem of lack of space, we expanded our territory by 1.2 ha. meist3


We separated production of plywood packaging from packing and production of wooden packaging, for which we built a facility of 1,200 m². Additionally, we laid asphalt on most of the territory meist4


We started production with 3 employees in a former kolkhoz repairs shop and soon started with renovations of the production facility. meist5