Over the years we have manufactured packaging with very different construction and sizes. The boxes and pallets manufactured by us are used for transporting large and heavy industrial machinery as well as items such as works of art. And everything in between – electronics, cash, even vehicles and windows etc.

Each product is made according to the client’s needs and if necessary, we will design the best solution for you. It is important for us that your deliveries arrive intact to their destination, irrespective if their measurements are 20x20x20 cm or 20x3x3 m.

By using modern technology, we ensure high level of compactness for our crates, which will decrease your transport costs. Well thought-through design solutions allow stacking the crates.

We will produce packaging that is suitable just for you – be it for road, air or maritime transport, taking into account the need to protect your cargo against blows, exposure, vibration, dust or humidity, depending on the type of transport you use.

From time to time it is necessary that you need packaging not only for transport for long-term storage. That is also not a problem for us. We take account requirements for protection against corrosion, dust and humidity.

Our principle product groups are:

  • Pallets
  • Frame boxes
  • Plywood crates
  • Wooden crates
  • Maritime packaging
  • Special purpose crates
  • Transport support structure for larger equipment
  • Various wooden and plywood elements made with CNC-cutter