In order to ensure that our products are made of only high-quality materials, we constantly assess our suppliers and monitor launch of new materials to the market.

The saw timber that we use has been heat treated and has the respective IPPC stamp. We would like to point out that the timber used on international carriage of goods must comply with the requirements of ISPM 15 and hold the respective labelling! Violating this requirement may result in holding or sending back of the consignment.

We use mainly C/C quality birch wood plywood, the thickness of which ranges from 4 to 30 mm, but if necessary, we can use higher class or film-covered plywood. We have approximately 400 packs of plywood in stock at all times, which prevents delays of deliveries due to lack of materials.

To connect the elements in a lasting manner, we use adhesive-covered anchor and screw nails.

We use various hydro and humidity insulation materials as well as inhibitor and thermo-shrinking films for protection against humidity and corrosion, which ensure corrosion protection for up to two years.

For more fragile products, we can line the crates with different padding materials, the padding can be made in different shapes in order to prevent moving of the items in the packaging during transport. We mostly use anti-static foam polyethylene.