Sawing Precision

To satisfy the highest of demands, we use a computer-controlled Holzma 380 saw for sawing the plywood. At high-speed work, this device ensures high level of precision (± 0.1 mm).

CNC Cutting

In addition to sawing, we can use two CNC cutters to make elements in different shapes and cut-outs, which can be used for packing or any other purposes.

Labelling of Packaging

It often happens that our clients want that we would label their packaging with different signs for packaging handling, that we would attach different documents to the crates or mark the crates with their logos or any other necessary information. Until now, we were using silk-print technology, but now we have acquired a high resolution industrial printer that allows us applying information on plywood in a quick and convenient manner.

If necessary, text with the height up to 3 cm can be printed with hand printer at the client.


When sending goods, it is often necessary to know not only the measurements, but also the weight of the consignment. If necessary, we can do the weighing, no matter if your consignment weighs 1 kg or 60 t! Packaging that weighs up to 5,000 kg can be weighed with the precision of ± 0.5 kg.