Equipment Assembly

Since the year 2013, we have offered our clients the option of assembly of industrial equipment at our facilities and we have the relevantly qualified employees for that.

What does it look like?

  • Equipment components are delivered to our production facility (if necessary, we can provide transport)
  • Our employees assemble the components
  • If necessary, the above-mentioned task can be carried out by your employees
  • Equipment is tested and fine-tuned
  • Our employees disassemble them for packing
  • Equipment is packed by our packers
  • Goods are sent out, if needed, we can help with transport


  • Our assembly hall has two naves 60 x 20 m, thus in total 2,400 m² of space
  • Each nave has two cranes with the lifting capacity of 5 + 15 t, it is possible to lift up to 60 t at a time
  • Height under crane beam – 9.15 m
  • Entire hall covered with power plugs 16A and 32A, it is possible to use 250 A for testing
  • Entire hall covered with compressed air pipeline
  • We have competence in plumbing and pneumatic installation works, and we have the possibility to involve control engineers

Major previous jobs:

  • Assembly, layout installation, testing and packing of a packing conveyor for a paper mill (country of destination: the USA)
  • Assembly of paper conveyors, particle board conveyors and sawmill equipment for different clients